Questions About Home Delivery

Stoker’s Milk has been delivering quality dairy products since the 1940’s. As a family owned company for four generations; we take pride in delivering farm fresh milk to your door. Here are the answers to a few of the most Frequently asked Questions:


When Does the Milk Arrive?

Brian, your neighborhood milkman, delivers to Nampa neighborhoods every Friday morning. Products are guaranteed at your door by 8 am.


How Much Does it Cost?

Delivery is completely FREE with the purchase of three or more items. If you order less than three items, rather than inflate our prices to cover the costs associated with delivery, we apply a $1.75 premium, but only on deliveries of less than three items.


The order form to the right contains all of our products we carry including pricing. We encourage you to compare what we offer to products in the grocery store! Measure the Quality, Price, & Convenience. We're confident that you'll get a deal that can't be beat!


Do I have to be Home to Get the Milk?

No, just leave a cooler outside your door. This will allow you to bring your products in at your convenience.


How do I order?

First, you create what we call a 'Standing Order' of items that will be automatically delivered to your door every week. The order form is can be downloaded on the right. Once you have it filled out, just call or email the form. Remember, your standing order can be adjusted as much as needed. Many customers adjust their order on a weekly bases by simply giving us a phone call. It’s simple to modify your ‘Standing Order’ with additions, changes in variety, or even to delay deliveries. Just give us 48 hours notice by calling (208) 546-9082, or send an email to . Please be sure to include your name, delivery address and specific details of what you would like adjusted.


How do I Pay for my Order?

Hopefully you’ve noticed by now that we keep everything as convenient as possible. Our payment system is no exception. You can choose to be billed every two weeks, monthly or even on a quarterly basis. Pick whatever payment plan works best for you and your schedule. On your decided date, we will leave an invoice with your delivery. Payments will be due 7 days from the day you receive the invoice. You can either pay by mail or leave the check in your cooler for us to pick up on the next delivery.


If you do choose quarterly billing, you will need to make an advanced deposit to your account. From this deposit we will deduct the cost of products as they are delivered. This is by far the most simple and hassle-free way to pay. Also, when you sign up for this payment option, be sure to ask how you can get $10 worth of FREE products.


Does it Really Taste Better?

Yes. The only way to get your milk fresher is to milk your own cow. One key to good fresh milk is to get it from the cow to your mouth in as little time as possible. Milk from grocery stores can travel hundreds of miles and must be highly processed to make the long journey. It arrives at the store a week or more after it leaves the cow. Once it hits the store shelfs, it is exposed to fluorescent lights that rob milk of its nutritional value. Your best bet is to avoid all the extra time and damage to the milk by getting it delivered straight to your door.


I'm ready, Lets Get Started!

Download the order form to the right, pick what you want, then Call Brian and get your door on our route!


If you have anymore questions, we love talking milk. Give Brian a call and he'd be happy to answer any questions you have.


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